Thursday, August 5, 2010

CP article on concerns about neighborhood rivalries

"An informal City Paper survey of parents at Chadwick Park in the Lincoln-Lemington-Belmar area found most had strong feelings against the [high school reconfiguration] plan, primarily as a result of the mixing of neighborhoods."


Anonymous said... Two shot in homewood

Anonymous said...

This administration does as it pleases. It's that simple. Roosevelt and his gang feel utterly no responsibility to the taxpaying public. They feel no obligation whatsoever. Meanwhile, when you factor in the idea that school board members simply forget their charge to taxpayers, Complain all you want. It does not matter.

Questioner said...

From today's PG, about a recent incident in Crawford Village:

"Mr. Kirk said he shot Tre Madden, "because he wasn't from Crawford," the woman testified."

Read more:

- Territorial attitudes should not be underestimated. And even the perception among current Peabody students that there could be issues going to other neighborhoods may be enough to keep some away from school.