Sunday, August 29, 2010

"Roosevelt lays out long range school plan"

This was in May 2006 and described an agenda for where the district should be 4 years from that point:

"We are not giving you an agenda today that is compliance driven or that is limited to the standards set forth by 'No Child Left Behind'," said Roosevelt."

How well have we met these goals? Have we nevertheless ended up focused on compliance and achieving adequacy under NCLB?


Anonymous said...

Dom'T Eat the Teacher

Roosevelt will make his 2010-2011 generic goals-they are very vague and grey with no specific barometers of measurement-no VAM Model as one poster stated on this web site.

Moreover, Old Timer, MS Fine, Brentley, and many University Educators would have composed a more detailed specific goal oriented agenda. His was a wash down version of The Normal Superintendent rating system that many school districts use across the country and our Commonwealth.

They were read at the August Board Meeting-supposedly on the televised version.

As usual, the boasting and the oozing over this and that were apparent from the usual Board members. They praise Roosevelt.
In addition, yes they mentioned the debunked and racially biased Summer Dreamers.

Just like the August 16, 2010 Video of Roosevelt PPS PSSA Score Announcement –his Goals are a little bit and all Caucasian students from the Dreamers Academy singing a song of whatever-that horrific chant as a blogger stated on this web site.

Where is the diversity-all the racially diversified students from Dreamers were suspended or quit the Summer Program? They were not invited. Just some of the silliness taken away from the fact Roosevelt needs targeted for his true work achievements.

Enclosed-the article that gives the true GIST of Roosevelt’s 2010-11 Goals and definitely his Agenda.

My KDG child came home with the book Don’t Eat the Teacher last year -well as Old Timer stated and Roosevelt’s Agenda-Roosevelt should have read this book at the board meeting and tried to e nice about his Teacher witch-hunt as another blogger defined.

Roosevelt’s apparent past and future goals on the article.

Anonymous said...

The enclosed quote of this Blog Entry is a false path from Roosevelt-heled the parents, students and PPS employees with a misinterpretation of the NCLB laws.

He is following to the TEE and dots as the above Trob article states to acquire ALL the Federal money PPS can grab from the MCLN quidelinws.

Questioner said...

Anon 8:03, would you please explain a little more which quote you feel is false and why- thanks.

Anonymous said...

"We are not giving you an agenda today that is compliance driven or that is limited to the standards set forth by 'No Child Left Behind'," said Roosevelt.

Here is the quote-his career ladder is the core of this quote.

Anonymous said...

Broad Superintendents Academy Graduates Outperform Their Peers in Raising Student Achievement

Published today-Roosevelt is highly praised. A;sp, a great comparative analysis for the real people parents, teachers and students to really guage his so called great achievement a good read,
Please read.


SOURCE The Broad Center for the Management

Questioner said...

A real person who went to this link found only information about someone named Quinn.

The KDKA article in the original post stated that Roosevelt wanted grade 3 proficiency to rise from 49% to 80%. The PG article on PSSA scores shows that grade 3 proficiency is at 59.8%. When state scores are released we will know if PPS scores rose any faster than scores across the state as a whole (a problem w/ NCLB scores has been states making tests easier and/or questions becoming predictable across a state).

Questioner said...

Also, the KDKA article in the original post does not mention career ladders at all, just the agenda for PSSA scores and graduation rates which were to go far beyond the requirements of NCLB and which, if successful, would have been "the fastest any district in the country has made this much improvement".

Old Timer said...

Anon of 7:56, thank you.
I think what is disturbing to me is that all of this is akin to some kind of movie. On one hand, a character says something in a foreign language to another character, and then translates to a third character who doesn't speak that language. Only problem is, he purposely translates it incorrectly.
What Roosevelt and his administration are providing for public consumption is much different than what teachers are getting. This "I love and have respect teachers" approach is not what we hear. Instead, we have heard about the RISE program, about being focused, about being sent for re-training, about dismissal. We have heard about fidelity to curriculum, or else. We have heard about high schools that will have "learning teams" visiting all day for three straight days every five weeks. We have heard about principals being advised to focus teachers, or else.

I don't think teachers are perfect nor do I think that every single one is effective. I just have a hard time coming to grips with so many people NOT in the classroom pretending to know what works and what doesn't.