Monday, August 23, 2010

K-8 wins credit

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Anonymous said...
Explain this to me.

Roosevelt fickle?

Now he wants all 6-12 if his K-8 is working?

K-8 model wins credit for helping Pittsburgh students improve
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
City schools Superintendent Mark Roosevelt wouldn't go so far as to say the PSSA results validated the district's decision in 2006 to establish K-8 schools, ...

August 23, 2010 12:55 AM


Questioner said...

As is usually the case with these types of claims, it would be necessary to take a really good look at the history and data. For example, weren't there some schools converted to K-8 that were not working well and had already been changed back to K-5, such as Miller in the Hill District? Looking at only those K-8 schools that were retained can lead to skewed results.

So far the consensus in the literature seems to be that configuration doesn't matter a whole lot. It certainly won't be a silver bullet.

Questioner said...

The search function on PURE's blog can be useful. See this prior post about Keystone awards given to schools making AYP 2 years in a row- in Pittsburgh, no K-8 schools:

Monday, November 23, 2009
Keystone Achievement Awards
From the PG:

The article notes that in Pittsburgh "seven schools have received the award for all six years the awards have been given: Banksville PreK-5, Dilworth PreK-5, Linden K-5, Phillips K-5, Rogers CAPA middle school, Sterrett 6-8 and CAPA high school."

Four K-5 schools, two middle schools and no K-8 schools- but the district has moved away from the K-5/ middle school structure.

Questioner said...

Here's an information brief that the Broward County, Florida superintendent gave to board members there on the K-8 v middle school topic. Looking at the brief quickly, it seems to be comprehensive and well balanced- the kind of document it would be good to see in Pittsburgh when changes are being proposed.

Questioner said...

The Broward materials include this link to the Joe Smydo article at the time the K-8 schools were established, describing discipline problems there:

- The other side of the coin also would be to see how the K-5 portions of these schools did when 6-8 was added.

Questioner said...

Hmm, if K-8's are doing well, and Schenley is doing well, but University Prep is NOT doing well even in terms of improvement (PVAAS) rather than absolute results- maybe Hill students should be returned to K-8's and Schenley.