Sunday, August 1, 2010

Gallup online test for teaching applicants

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Teacher hiring criteria intended to get best candidates

Interesting article for parents and educators. A neighbor on our street applying for a teaching job in the PPS District. After completing the whole application process on line. She had to take the Gallup

TeachertInsight Assessment an online multiple-choice test designed to help select candidates for screening. She has impeccable references, student taught in the PPS and q QPA of 3.9. She completed the Gallup TeachertInsight Assessment and she did not pass the online test and has to wait for a period of a year.

Can a person explain this to a parent-why another test for selection process?

Yet, they are furloughing teachers.


Anonymous said...

Is this "Gallop online test" the tool that PPS will be using to certify its teachers?

On anther Board tab (in Board Minutes) PPS Admin has contracted with Paula Bevan, a consultant, for an amount of $270,000 to "train" Pittsburgh teachers during the next year. She also has a major contract to do the same in Maryland Schools????

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Anonymous said...

Gallop poll screening teachers?

What if an "unruly student" interrupts you mid test?

Second phase: (after Gallop) School districts will contract with companies just like Nascar(Race to the top). Teachers then call Nielsen to see if they have a better rating/share? The "cool teachers" will be wearing/sponsoring; Mountain Dew, Pop Tarts, Coke and McDonald's apparel. The not So cool teachers will be left with less marketable products, therefore leaving their livelihood in peril.

I started this post out as tongue and cheek, midway through I realized it actually could be our future. *note to self, keep your morals intact.

Questioner said...

Here's the link to last October's post on this topic:

It would not be surprising if teachers start supporting charter schools as alternatives for themselves as well as for students!