Monday, August 23, 2010

Promise ready corps

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HS schedules and the welcome letters are out. The packet includes info on PRC with a FAQ sheet.

"Teaming-Teams of six-eight teachers and a counselor/social worker will provide support for 100-120 9th grade students for whom they are collectively responsible."

My first thought is that the numbers should be lower, 2 teachers/25 students plus 1 counselor/50 students. If I am a student needing an ear in a hurry to help me how do I contact a member of my PRC?

"Advisory-In addition, each student will be assigned an advisor who they will meet with regularly to discuss what it means to be Promise-Ready."

Just ignore the agreement issue (each student/they) and concentrate on helping to define "regularly." Once a year? Once a week? AS NEEDED based on standards? The lack of specificity offers a future excuse if PRC is not a stellar success and losses are cut by attempting another effort.

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Anonymous said...

Merci, I had to sit and decipher what regular means as a defined term from PPS viewpoint.

It appears it will be interpreted as it goes along its merry way- will the defined regular meetings or should it be individualized to taper the need assessment of each individualized student.