Saturday, August 7, 2010

Questions for Tuesday's forum on reconfiguration

As previously noted, PPS will hold a forum East End School Reconfiguration:

Tuesday, August 10, 2010
6:00PM - 7:30PM
Westinghouse High School Library

Because the district will present the plan and take only written questions, some have expressed concerns that many questions will be left unanswered.

To help us get a better sense of whether the meeting has in fact addressed community concerns. please email your questions to the district at


After the meeting we will post a list of which submitted questions have been answered and which still require responses. Accountability is critical.

Note: It would be helpful but it is not required to have your name. If you would like PURE Reform to submit a question for you to maintain anonymity, please email the question to us.


Annette Werner said...

I submitted the following question:

Have the questions raised by A Plus Schools in the link below been answered? If so, where may the responses be viewed? If not, why have then not been answered?

Kathy Fine said...

What about folks that don't have computer/email access? Are they supposed to snail mail in questions? And how will they even know about the meeting? Sounds like these are a couple of good questions to ask the district!

Questioner said...

Actually, the announcement also said the doors will open at 5:30 to accept written questions (sorry for not getting including that)- BUT, it is probably hard enough for many people to get to the meeting in the first place without arriving early- especially with no assurance that a particular question will even be answered.

In contrast, if many people arrive with the same concern and "live" questions are taken, chances are someone will get to ask that question.

Annette Werner said...

Another question:

To provide a sense for community concerns, would the district please post at noon on the day of the forum a list of all questions that have been submitted, and then following the forum a complete list of all questions asked (whether or not they were addressed at the forum)?

Annette Werner said...

Another question submitted:

"Current and future Peabody students have enhanced educational options.... District materials from the August 2, 2010 Committee Meeting, page 7 state:

"Current and future Peabody students have enhanced educational options.... Future students in the region will have the choice to attend any of our programs district-wide, including the two programs at Millions and Westinghouse."

Please clarify- will future students in the current Peabody feeder have complete choice to attend any Pittsburgh Public School for their grade level?

Annette Werner said...

Materials from the August 2 Committee Meeting p. 48 state that "The Single Gender Academies will comply with all federal regulations."

Will the Academies also comply with all Pennsylvania State regulations?

Annette Werner said...

At the August 2 Committee Meeting, Derrick Lopez stated that the single gender academies at Westinghouse would provide students with "a locus of identity" that would "scaffold them." Please explain this concept in more detail.

Also, are other Pittsburgh public school students of the same age/ gender/ race/ family income/ achievement level but who will not attend Westinghouse in similar need of a "locus of identity" and if so will the district be addressing that need?

Anonymous said...

Not a question - just an aside comment. I know a PPS district family moving out of the district because they refused to send their child to Peabody. Their child has been in Catholic school and is ready for high school. The district told them that the "new rule" is no transfers. You must attend school in your own district. When did this "rule" get announced?

Mark Rauterkus said...

My question went up on my blog:

Sports within a school that ranges from grades 6 to 12 require gyms and athletic spaces for both high school and middle school teams. One gym or one swim pool, even large gyms, can't work for two schools.

The sports teams will not fit into PPS WESTINGHOUSE 6-12, just as they do not work at Schenley / Reizenstein (another 6-12 school).

In basketball season, for example, six different teams (Varsity, JV, Middle School for both boys and girls) must practice and play games. Gyms are used for wrestling, dances, Physical Education, spring sport conditioning, intramurals, and hopefully community-club teams with wrap around services.

There have been no plans nor answers on how to fix this serious problem with the schools -- except to drop the ball with athletics.

To combat street gangs, we need sports gangs and school gangs with challenging and high quality enrichment in realms where parents and coaches and educators control.

If sports are a priority, then PPS MUST double the size of its athletic facilities at all 6-12 schools, including locker-rooms.

Does PPS really care about sports and afterschool?

Questioner said...

It is incredible that the concerns about sports were brought up when 6-12 schools were proposed, again when they were implemented and now looking back at the school year. And they are totally ignored. Why are few other than Mark Rauterkus bothering to speak up? Why don't we have 100 student athletes and their parents at a public hearing? Until there are more voices, this issue is destined to be pushed aside while students quietly choose other options.

Anonymous said...

The recently formed committee is to study athletics over a FIVE YEAR period I believe. What does that tell you? They are stalling for another 5 years. The teachers' contract is a 5 year contract. I look for PPS to continue to diminish and phase out competitive athletic teams. They just don't get it - how important sports - teamwork - belonging to a positive group - etc. is. They don't want to get it either.

They are focusing on teachers. Let's focus attention on coaches also. Where is Mike Gavlik in all this? Is he being supportive and pro-active? He is being paid big bucks to oversee athletics. He should be fighting to better the programs. Millions of our tax dollars are spent each year on athletics, intramurals and coaches'salaries. Are our students really getting the best that they can and have a right to?

Mark Rauterkus said...

Question above:

Why are few other than Mark Rauterkus bothering to speak up?

Because the bulk of others that do care about sports and are outspoken have already moved out of town or else send their kids to private schools.

The city schools are but half as big as they used to be. Those that already voted with their feet just come here to run The Great Race or go to a professional game each month.

Anonymous said...

Please Read the enclosed article

Roosevelt will be in DC the next day for Race to Top financing for PA. I doubt he’s going to attend August 10th meeting. If he attends-he is shoing his dedication to PPS and parents. . . .

A great PR excuse for Roosevelt not to attend August 10th meeting
PA Team to Present Case for “Race to the Top” Funds in Nation's ...

By Gant Team

Mark Roosevelt, superintendent, Pittsburgh Public Schools. Gluck said if awarded, Race to the Top funds would be used to accelerate the commonwealth's ongoing efforts to: • Increase student achievement and develop data systems capable ... -

Anonymous said...

Mark Roosevelt is nothing but an ivy league poster boy for Eli Broad and Bill Gates.

Local media needs to start asking questions. Pittsburgh is getting hosed.

This shell game has to end. I am about to call Elizabeth Taylor to find out what her 7th husband did to get rid of him!