Monday, August 23, 2010

Students paid to attend summer program

From another post:

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Do you feel this worked for the Summer?
Lopes involved and Heinz Endowment paid for it.

Is this real or PR?

This writer from the Trib –the only writer from the Pittsburgh media covering PPS.

Anonymous said...

From the above article -if this is voted on August 25th for September this year will the students BE PAID $100 a week?

What about the West End, South Hills and the North Side?

THey vote at their whums-yet they can not wait to February tochange the East End and the feeder patterns.

August 23, 2010 1:07 AM


Questioner said...

Without a doubt there would be students from all neighborhoods, male and female, who would benefit from a course on study skills, etc. with the added incentive of being paid to attend, although the payment part may make some uneasy. Maybe the money spent moving students around from building to building and creating themes would have been better spent just working on skills with students individually or in small groups.

Anonymous said...

The article states that they were paid that much this summer. But, it says that if it is voted through, it will be $50 every two weeks -- so $25 a week.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Anon –that is close to a $1000 a year per student as an incentive.

I did not purview the article-because rumors were rapid that it was going to stay the same monetary reward system from the summer implementation. This is to be voted on this wwek?

Was this in the Agenda Review Packet for last Wednesday nite?

I have not been able to look for current research regarding this type of reward system for adolescent students.

I am very reluctant with this type of reward system for students-because of the designed parameters that PPS is utilizing as goals and correlations for the academic and social achievement.

In addition, I do not favor the use of foundational money going to one location from the Buhl-this needs to be looked at for all students from various locations to receive this opportunity at this one location.

Not favor one location-

Questioner said...

We hear often about equity as a core PPS belief, but you have to wonder how that belief is consistent with programs that are open only to African Americans, or males, or students from certain neighborhoods. Is equity a meaningful concept or just a quality each person can claim for the plan he/she thinks best?