Tuesday, August 24, 2010

PA not selected for Race to the Top money

From the PG:



Questioner said...

At the ed comm meeting discussing the proposed reconsideration, there was discussion about how failure to win race to the top money would necessitate changes to the plan.

Anonymous said...

Somehow, someone will find a way to blame the teachers.

Questioner said...

Wasn't Race to the Top planned as the source for the $40M in matching funds needed for the teachers academy?

This source said the PA team would be presenting information on how the money would be used for purposes including world class professional development.


Anonymous said...

AMERICA'S CHOICE, INC. HAS "TERMINATED" ITS BUSINESS is another interesting report deserving exploration:

“ACI (America’s Choice, Inc.) has entered into an agreement to be acquired by and will merge into a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pearson Education, Inc.”

While not privy as to how the demise of America’s Choice will affect PPS's most recent contract with ACI, it can be hoped that this event will release PPS from “fidelity” to a program that, as they have been advised, is NOT well-aligned with PA Standards. As such, the requirement for “fidelity” has egregiously pre-empted the time, effort, professional development and standards-based alignment necessary to see more significant academic gains at the ALA’s.

The children in the ALAs deserve the most advantaged and equitable teaching and learning protocols and practices that the District can provide.

Hopefully, the exit of America’s Choice Inc. as a program will allow PPS to use the best practices from the ACI program while SIMULTANEOUSLLY EMBEDDING and ALIGNING TEACHING AND LEARNING to PA STANDARDS.

Anonymous said...

When Gates is outed as a philanthropist with an agenda and when his money is no longer looked at as being something that will benefit urban children, it will be cause for celebration. When all vestiges of this current regime are sent packing, it will be cause for celebration.
The America's Choice note is only cause for a smile.

Questioner said...

Usually this type of contract remains in place even if the ownership of a company like ACI changes.

Anonymous said...

Will it be required that "fidelity" to the program also remain in place with that contract?

Questioner said...

Most likely everything would remain the same. You could request the contract to be 100% sure. But even then if the board is willing to stick with the program they would just authorize a new contract. Now maybe if Pearson is going to take an entirely different approach and does not want to assume the responsibilities and benefits of the contract the parties would agree to terminate.

Questioner said...

Link to a piece by Diane Ravitch asserting that Race to the Top isn't so great anyway:


Questioner said...

Link to how the states scored in the competition. For this round, Pennsylvania really didn't even come close.


Anonymous said...

Questioner @. August 24, 2010 2:15 PM

We all need to have purchased stock in Pearson.

Another concultant company-and new curriculum in the horizon for PPS?

Pearson is one of the largest and reputable educational publishing companies that produce books that are written by all the top dogs in education.

They are known in the collegiate world as an expensive producer of books with renown authors.

At the University level- rumors were rapid that Pearson wanted to expand further with it’s products and company as direct consultants.

ALAS another story that is never ending with inaccurate data.

Anonymous said...

Governor says state was penalized for being honest in federal Race to the Top grant application.

Rendell is an interesting with verbiage his comments-he spoke plainly.

"Arne Duncan-Rendell will be free in January to take your job as Secretary of Education."

Duncan watch your back‼!

Fast Eddie is coming‼
Rendell needs another job-this time for another pension-a federal pension.

With seriousness-Some very important key facts-especially regarding teacher training as one of the reasons we lost-Rendell likes the concept of churning out teachers like PPS will be implementing in the future.

Since, we did not win the BIG RACE-will this renege the teacher contract, and all the future Reform plans regarding school closures, teacher academies, etc and etc.

Rendell felt PA was too honest.

How will the local papers portray this and will they question him about this?

Forgot he is so busy trying to raise taxes very high for transportation.

Please read this article-the picture of Eddie Rendell is a gem.


Anonymous said...

"Mr. Rendell, who spoke with Mr. Duncan before the governor's news conference, said Pennsylvania lost points in three areas, including its lack of a law providing alternative certification for teachers and principals."

This quote from the PG article says it all. PELA and RISE propose that PPS "certifies" its own teachers and principals in an alternative process that was not acceptable under current state laws.

Again, PPS Admin. assumed it could operate in an "alternative" realm.

Read more: http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/10237/1082446-454.stm#ixzz0xcBqVqek

Anonymous said...

With the loss of the Race to the Top money –Roosevelt’s comment in the enclosed Pgh Trib article.

In its application, Pennsylvania said it would designate $15 million to Pittsburgh Public Schools, which announced earlier this month it was relying, in part, on Race to the Top money to fund two academies to train new teachers and provide continuing education. The district plans to pay for the academies using other federal grants it is seeking, but Superintendent Mark Roosevelt conceded the district "will have to cut back on some of what we're hoping to do."

He gives a valid perspective-but what will be cut-?

Whole article=== http://www.pittsburghlive.com/x/pittsburghtrib/news/cityregion/s_696350.html

Anonymous said...

Tribune Article:
"In its application, Pennsylvania said it would designate $15 million to Pittsburgh Public Schools, which announced earlier this month it was relying, in part, on Race to the Top money to fund two academies to train new teachers and provide continuing education. The district plans to pay for the academies using other federal grants it is seeking, but Superintendent Mark Roosevelt conceded the district "will have to cut back on some of what we're hoping to do."

It will be very interesting to see how this impacts the High School Reorganization legislative vote this evening. Petitions to postpone should inundate Board members.

Here are the email addresses:

dallen1@pghboe.net, sshealey1@pghboe.net, shazuda1@pghboe.net, mbrentley1@pghboe.net, wisler1@pghboe.net, tsumpter1@pghboe.net, tcolaizzi1@pghboe.net. Jfink1@pghboe.net, fmccrea@pghboe.net

Questioner said...

It will have no impact at all- per this other Trib article 6 of the board members have told the Trib they will vote for the plan:


The vote is always "yes."

Anonymous said...

Here is the complete link to article!

What about the feeder patterns?
In addition, using another method of busing instead of PAT?

Moreover, the Homewood Group is a sufficient pass on this new plan?
Did Randall Taylor’s new replacement compose this group and bus transportation?

Tonight’s meeting should look and sound like a US Senate debate and then they vote for the bill-a CSPAN charade and betcha our Board members will be watching CSPAN for pointers.

A dead done deal!

The Homewood Group was sufficent for yes on thuis matter. Is the Homewwood rep from a group-mentioned earlier in thus article a real legit group.

What about the Homewood community-do they have a community leadership group like the Manchester community citizens council=a part of the North Side Urban Leadership Council and Block watches that deter crime.

I question the representation and the fixed agenda of Taylor's replacement and Lopez here.

It sounds very staged and theatrical to me. Orchestrated!!

The complete link


Anonymous said...

It's not over till its over. What do we have to lose by inundating the Board with email protests. The denial of RTT funds provides a new rationale!

Questioner said...

It always did seem like counting chickens b/f they were hatched to rely on this money for the teachers' academy and for whatever part of the reconfiguration the money would have paid for. But it sounds like that is part of the federal strategy- get all of the states to vote for changes even though the majority will not receive money to pay for the changes.