Monday, August 23, 2010

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Anonymous said...

May I suggest that moved posts be tagged with "moved" instead of "removed".

When I first saw the "removed by administrator" tag, I thought that the post was deleted entirely.

And while I'm at it, thanks to the folks who run this site! You do a great service to the PPS.

I just wish every parent and every voter knew about this site.

Questioner said...

Please spread the word!

The "removed" tag is generated automatically- there doesn't seem to revise it.

Questioner said...

Sorry, that should have said "there doesn't seem to be a way to revise it".

anon212 said...

HS schedules and the welcome letters are out. The packet includes info on PRC with a FAQ sheet.

"Teaming-Teams of six-eight teachers and a counselor/social worker will provide support for 100-120 9th grade students for whom they are collectively responsible."

My first thought is that the numbers should be lower, 2 teachers/25 students plus 1 counselor/50 students. If I am a student needing an ear in a hurry to help me how do I contact a member of my PRC?

"Advisory-In addition, each student will be assigned an advisor who they will meet with regularly to discuss what it means to be Promise-Ready."

Just ignore the agreement issue (each student/they) and concentrate on helping to define "regularly." Once a year? Once a week? AS NEEDED based on standards? The lack of specificity offers a future excuse if PRC is not a stellar success and losses are cut by attempting another effort.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else pulled their kid/kids from PPS and feels guilty about it? I believe high achieving kids can get a good education in PPS, and most public schools.

My kid does not deal with the disruption, yelling and stress well. We decided to put him in a private school, for middle school. We hope to get him enrolled again in high school in PPS.

I have not given up on the schools, but I had to make the choice based on my kid. I feel guilty because I am very pro public schools.

I do know a lot of high performing kids fleeing the district, I never thought we would be one of them.

This was a hard decision for moral and financial reasons.

Can PPS woo us back in a few years?

I am uncertain, only one board member, Mr. Brentely speaks up, and attempts to hold the "employee" Mr. Roosevelt accountable. I commend his efforts even though we do not live in his district.

Btw, we live in one of the most "desirable" feeder patterns in the city, and we are still uncomfortable. This is not based on test scores, it is more of a safety, teacher/principal switching (RISE), lack of stability that pushed us over.

Is anyone else in this situation?

Anonymous said...

I had a hard time reading this article from the Kansas City Star.

"Pittsburgh's school system may be the model for the future"

Anonymous said...

please remove the incorrect link

Anonymous said...

I am not sure if this has been posted here before. It is an insightful, witty, sad & honest piece Brock Jones wrote. He is a LA public school teacher.

"Teachers Cannot Cure the Ills Of Society"

Anonymous said...

Venture philanthropy? Isn't that an oxymoron?

Anonymous said...

Superintendent Mark Roosevelt Visits Several Pittsburgh Public ...

Thousands of students who attend Pittsburgh Public Schools are headed back to class today following the summer break.

Again,this fact is it accurate-I need to know if we can secure the correct data.

On the news broadcasr---
THE district has seen improvement as 72 percent of its schools achieved adequate yearly progress.

The schools he is visiting this morning include Pittsburgh Carmalt PreK-8, Pittsburgh Carrick High School and Pittsburgh Grandview K-5

Any parents have children in the above school?

This should be a new blog entry?

Anonymous said...

Why So Many Non-Teaching Employees in Pittsburgh Schools?

The Pittsburgh Public schools have alot of employees--but how many of them do something other than teaching? And how has this group changed over time?

This is a very good example of charting last year to this year-this is a first real core data-as parents and edcuators find info regarding PPS present trends.

A new blog entry?

Anonymous said...

Documentary Race to nowhere. One day only in this area. 9/30/10 Tickets available on the second link.

Annette Werner said...

As a postscript to earlier discussions on healthy lunch options and nutritional education- from KDKA:

"Vegetable-based protein a healthier option"

Anonymous said...

Pittsburgh Public Schools Board may use $18 million in reserve funds

To cut costs next year, the district will need to be "more aggressive" with furloughing teachers due to declining enrollment and could replace only half of the retiring teachers, Roosevelt said. An average of 150 teachers have retired in each of the past eight years, he said
This makes no sense at all-he wants to hire new teachers for teacher academy and have more non-teaching positions!
What about Central ADM needs to have cuts in staffing and grant money that flows like a running river goes to needless programs?
Moreover, is this a tax increase-where teacher salaries are paid.
How about pay freezes or wait-a CONSULTANT GROUP TO be hired at a hefty sum to cut the pps board AD? Where is the PFT with this statement?

We only started THIS School year? Take the millions wasted on summer programs and be creative to get the bucks for the regular school year.

Ask Warren Buffett for the money.

Anonymous said...

Why is the board having 2 personel meetings this month instead of 1?

Questioner said...

There may not be enough here for a new topic, since anything related to personnel is not disclosed to the public. Maybe w/ the start of the school year there is too much to do in one meeting, or maybe some board members can only come on one date and some on another date?

Anonymous said...

2 Students, 1 Adult Accused Of Having Drugs At Cupples Stadium
WPXI Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh public schools spokeswoman Ebony Pugh said the three were accused of having marijuana. "I'm very concerned about that drug being in the City of ...