Monday, August 23, 2010

School safety report

WPXI obtained safety reports for Pennsylvania school districts; here is the link to PPS:

Unfortunately it does not seem to report results by school, which we have been meaning to obtain.


Watching the Ship Sink said...

A number of years ago, a friend of mine, a PPS teacher, was badly beaten by one of her students.

I was horrified, to say the least.

The PPS reported that a teacher fell down and hurt herself.

I am also aware of a student who brought a gun to school. This was not reported at all because the student was a star athlete.

I am also aware of student fighters sent home as "early dismissals." Makes the statistics look so much better.

School safety reports. Yeah, right.

Anonymous said...

Too many of us do not hear these things and can't ask for explanations because we are unaware. Enrollment will never grow significantly until the schools come to be known as completely safe. At a church fair in the south end of the city recently a rising 8th grader was overheard asking classmates she had bumped into if there was anyone they saw they did not like. She was looking for "something to do." Now, when a kid comes to school with that kind of agenda what happens?

Everyone should keep a journal and use it to record and compare safety reporting.

Anonymous said...

If parents and the general public only knew what goes on in the average PPS high and middle school.
In my own career, I could provide enough info that would rivet you to your tv screen. Literally--everything that can possibly happen in a classroom or school has happened to me. This TV report is yet another example of how PPS controls media. What an incredible joke.

Anonymous said...

Shocking. Here are some PPS numbers from 2008-2009

1,518 total assaults on staff, of all types

232 assaults on students

another 38 incidents listed as "threatening a school official/student"

And of all of these assaults, the reports claims that none of them resulted in physicals injury or required medical treatment. Can that really be true?

There were a total of 8,153 "offenders". That's almost 1 out of 3 total students. That tells me that it's difficult for individual students not to get caught up in some sort of trouble, and that the general chaos is insidious.

Finally, under "Type of Parental Involvement", 20,606 incidents are listed as "none", with another 1,043 "written notifications". Why not get parents more involved? And under "remedial programs", which includes things like "psychological evaluation", "drug/alcohol counseling", and "anger management", there were 20,794 "nones", and every other remedial category got a big goose egg. No counseling, no evaluation, nothing. HOW CAN THAT BE?!

A couple of things come to mind:

there shouldn't even be one assault on staff, let alone more than 1,500;

only 232 assaults on students, out of almost 28,000 enrollment?! This speaks to the previous commenter's note about fights being resolved as "early dismissals".

The discrepancy in staff vs. student assault numbers might show that PPS doesn't care so much about assaults on staff, since parents, and by extension the general public, usually won't hear about them so complaints and negative publicity is not as much of a concern.

After weathering 9th grade at a PPS school, my son is transferring this year to a private school, due part to the fighting, drugs and general social scene at the PPS school. He decided to do this on his own. I am so happy for him.

Anonymous said...

Why not have Chief Fadzen come to a parent forum and enlighten parents about these figures, attacks, assaults, weapons,etc? He's pretty much a straight shooter and is there on the front line with it all. I've heard though that his security force has been cut tremendously as the powers that be don't believe they are needed? Duh, with kids bringing weapons to school and fights breaking out at football games and in hallways, somebody think this through!

Anonymous said...

I would not be surprised if the Chief was softly muzzled. He used to come out to parent meetings and at least once the trainers/handlers did demos with the dogs. He gave enough info to inspire the right level of caution and cause the right lessons to be taught at home.

The first question to ask at a PSCC meeting will have to be about security staffing.

Anonymous said...

I feel Chief Fadzen should be invitited by various school PTOS for a paremt meeting.

I believe he would attend.

Many PTO memmbers need to get on their elected Board Member to push their elected Board Member to do things for their individual school.

And not to attend a function, but regular PTO meetings.

Anonymous said...

I have been assualted several times, seen school riots at 4 separate buildings. Teachers get threatened all the time, PELA's are taught to find creative solutions. Disipline has always been lacking, but it is even worse under Rosevelt. The Union does not care either. We are not permitted to call 911, we have to call the office. Everything is handled in house, unless some one calls 911

Anonymous said...

What happens if you cal 911? I would do it out of reflex.