Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"Inexperienced schools chase US school funds"

From the NYT:


Anonymous said...

Hey bloggers here at Pure Reform-listen.

We are parents, teachers, and educators-let us become a CONSULT GROUP.

This is no joke or jib –we can call our consultant group Pure Reform.

I know we would be legitimate and with some our expertise in the business world, education, teaching, supervision, research, and most of all parenting –WE would make it.

Consultant group Pure Reform-let us become one for all-hey ladies and gentlemen what do you think?

Come aboard-we would be real, certifiable, and credible.
This no joke-we can become forthcoming and visionary.

Questioner said...

What are some examples of potential clients?

Anonymous said...

So this is what education has become?!! Follow the money. It is more like chase the money.

Who are you kidding? These consultant groups are destroying education along with the Department of Education.

The ones who will lose out in all this are the students? Instead of celebrating this, you should be extremely concerned. PPS has consultants already. They also contribute to the lunacy within the District. Furthermore, Roosevelt would never hire consultants outside his network.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Better than being a consulting group, and better than hiring a consulting group, let's just turn a new leaf and apply systems that have proven to work in open source software.

If we could have an open source software approach, then the world can give us advice.

Classic struggle: The Cathedral and The Bazaar.

The Cathedral and the Bazaar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "The Cathedral and the Bazaar"