Monday, August 2, 2010

Reconfiguration meeting/ taking questions from audience

From A+ Schools:

PPS East End School Reconfiguration Meeting

Pittsburgh Public Schools will host a forum on the East End School Reconfiguration plan.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010
6:00PM - 7:30PM
Westinghouse High School Library
(doors open at 5:30 for submission of questions)

The district will present the plan and written questions will be taken from the audience. Questions can be submitted in advance using the PPS website. Go to Plans & Initiatives and then Facilities Reconfiguration. The link to input questions can be found in the middle of the page.

Direct link for question submission:


Questioner said...

A good question will be: will A+ Schools receive a complete response to its questions, and if so when?

Anonymous said...

Another good question: why do questions from the audience have to be in submitted in writing?

Seems to me that that's just an attempt to screen questions. Any tough and maybe embarrassing question goes right in the wastebasket.

Whatever happened to transparency? Just put up an open microphone and let the taxpayers and parents ask their questions.

Questioner said...

Again- the new protocol is, everything is tightly controlled. This is a page from the Bush playbook, where questions and even audience composition at "town meetings" were controlled

Anonymous said...

In writing? How Cuban of them.

Anonymous said...

Questioner thank you for your informative comments-very brilliant commentray your analogy. This is a very STAGED MEETING-it is control like communisim.

Screen the calls or questions-we are being given the PPS automation system-Pres this number or # sign. We lack our human rights.

A+ is the political right and left hand for the PPS ADM. They are becoming more of a joke in the academic communities.

We need community groups llke the NAACP to come forth and require Roosevelt to attend meetings require Roosevelt to attend mmetings sponsered by them. Have PTO Groups invite Roosevelt to apeak at theire meetings. Roosevelt and the Broadies need to be taught SELF-CONTROL. Maybe learn how to not gravel.

Not A+ -tired of their game plan-this might be an agenda to disagree with him this year and make attain goals and play this game and next year when he acquires A= goals-he shines.

They are in cohots together. This is propoganda in the finest form.

Questioner said...
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Anonymous said...

Can you imagine Mark Roosevelt doing this? Btw, this is a very high performing district, and the demographics are very different.

I think Roosevelt likes to think he is superior to the majority of the parents and community he in. He is afraid of being exposed for being under qualified for his job.

He is not a noble person.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to add the hyperlink

Anonymous said...

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